And it’s …SHOWTIME!

And that’s what this is in a way, a show for the world to see; a voyeuristic peek into someone elses life and thoughts. But I also want to offer a place for others to speak and be spoken to. I have an abiding love for rocks and stone and have found that there is not much else that Rock hounds like to do other than collect and admire rocks, and talk about the Rocks and Fossils they collect and admire.

Well its January and COLD here in the sunny South and I’m not collecting rocks. Yes, I know all you die-hard hunters out there have your winter coats on and a pick in hand but not me and not today.

I am trying to start a new business selling cabochons and art supplies on Etsy. I have half a mountain of rocks in the basement and enough material, beads, and yarn for a world ending holocaust. I am sorting through web pages and support groups for small businesses and up to my neck in well meant advice. My well meant advice: Find someone locally who can guide you. Almost all cities and town have small business advisers: Use them! Nothing sinks small businesses faster than not knowing how to manage pay scale and the IRS. Heavens knows I am leaning on every adviser, book, and friend I have.

And before I leave you I would like to just say there is not much else more sublime than a warm home, hot coffee, and delightfully cheep chocolate covered cherries on a cold day. If you are like my mom and can’t even get near a sealed box of Queen Anne cherries then reflect on one of the other two.

And now back to the tax books.

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