Blameing it on FibroMyalgea

Yes, I forgot our eye glasses yesterday and even had to go back for cat litter. At least I remembered the soup! For anyone out there that can’t remmber what they have forgotten or forget what they talk about in the middle of the sentence: I’m with you. I’m not elderly or “drain bamaged” I get some serious Fibro Fog. I love that term. Fog is soft and muffling and romantic, when your not driving in it, and it’s a lot nicer than being told I’m flaky. I have lists and notices every where and have to check them regularly.  I have to get some sort of self employment off the ground; it’s the pits knowing that your talking to a possible employer and trying desperately not to forget what they just asked you.

On to less depressing things, folks, the weather is finally sunny and above 40 degrees. I hate to admit it but I am beginning to be a sun lover.  Yes, all my Goth friends and tombstone lovers can recoil in horror but I need my vitamin D and warmth.  My sun room is actually sunny today and all the agave pups are putting out roots! Once the wretched heat of summer comes I can put my baby plants out in the front yard and have them set root.   My town is almost all sand, the results of being on a prehistoric river bed.  It is amazing t me to know that below us is evidence of prehistoric river movement.  I have even found conglemerate stone formed from ANCIENT Cypress mulch.  Sure the stone is not pretty or very valuable but it’s from my neighborhood and part of the local past in a way.

Let us all enjoy the life that is winter and revel in the cold while knowing that soon the soothing warmth of Spring will come.

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