The Weather This Winter

It is warm and almost fall like today, cloudy gray sky with moisture just tickling the edge of the leaves. Rain will come and give us all quite a show as it falls. February will not be as gentle here for Fuquay Varina and Raleigh. whether snow or cold I am not sure but there might be some of the white stuff finally.

I got the book from the library and now realize that the first thing to invest in with asmall business is a pen. PAPERWORK and permits start to come out of the woodwork. The name I want to use for my shop is free and clear of trademarks and being owned by someone else. There can be county, city, and state permits to get for a business depending on what type you are. I remember a past boss of mine, we may have run low on paper cups or had to go out for cookie dough but the one thing he always had was EVERY permit and license he needed up to date and visible. He was a business major not a chef; the chef he hired. And yes he is successful.

While waiting for Martin Luther Monday to be over just so I can call my local business support office, I am still working toward having a shop on line. I took the Etsy suggestion to heart and am tidying up my office and storage room. My storage room is also my guest room so I can now get into it in case a friend comes to visit. When I go on etsy the shops that get my attention are the ones that have good pictures. The product could be just fine but it is the picture that can make it or break it. (Thank you, Dear Friend for telling me to redo my first sets of collage pictures.)

February 9th is the day my Gem and mineral club goes out for its first outing. I just have to say that Tom is really doing a great job with this. (Yes, I use his name ’cause there are half a million Toms in the world.) He try’s to give us all the info in one e-mail, none of this call me for info sort of thing. Hey, he even got us a Google map picture of the mine ’cause none of us have been there. This also makes me think of selling on line. I must give people as much pertinent information as I can; they can’t touch it and pick it up after all.

I am already thinking of my garden and only hope my plans are equall to my energy level this spring. i am thankful that I do have more agave and cactus than I can use so I plan on giving some to my neighbor. Last year she gifted us with a whole bunch of cactus and agave and now I can repay her with some that are more exotic.

May the rains and snows water not just your grounds but the richness of your hearth. God bless the sleeping Earth around us and know that it is alive and waiting to Become again.
Be well, folks

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