Finally Did It!

I finally bit the bullet and put items up for sale on Etsy.  I took the advice of friends that unless I begin to sell a LOT of items should I have to worry about permits.  Everybody in north Carolina needs to remember sales tax.

This is a huge leap of faith for me regardless of if I sell anything.   I know my cabochons are good enough to sell and I have been told I have the “eye” for forming them.  I tried something and didn’t let myself talk me out of it. As trite as it may sound, and it can, sometimes you just have to do it. You can prepare for only so long. Luckily Etsy makes everything pretty easy. Now, I did take over thirty photos of cabochons on different backgrounds for half a day but a picture really can be worth a thousand words.

I can only thank those people who’s advice and shoulders I have been leaning on.

About the weather,  I hope every one has been enjoying the idyllic warm weather here in North Carolina; it went cold again today. Rain has poured like velvety cold curtains all day. A quietly grey day, soothing and somehow of a sensitive feeling to it. The rains of several days ago did indeed bring thunder to the night but today it is quiet and soft.

When I look out into the back yard and see the leafs and rain I am also looking on my little cat Hobbes’ grave. My husband put her four feet down and we put white rocks over the spot. The one that misses her the ,most is her litter mate Calvin. (Yes, we both liked the comic.) Cal may be 16 years old but the old-fart-kitty really dose miss his sister. Anyone who says animals don’t grieve can come and watch him look through all the rooms then start warble-meowing. To all of those people who have lost beloved pets be it a rat, dog, snake, or fish: Mourn well.

And with these sentimental but solemn words I leave you to your own thoughts and this night’s soothing caresses.

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