Norf Winds Bwow! Souf Winds Bwow!

The wind can blow!! Boy howdy have the winter winds been whipping past us with a vengeance. Even in my mighty Lovey (in reality my sedan) toodling down the highway the gusts want to blow me into another lane. The year’s early sun is so very warm and just comfy. The weeds in my garden are happy with it and are still doing a jig in my herb beds. This past summer I managed to sprout four Moon flower plants and I hope the roots have survived and will push up the exotic tropical flower come summer.

My petrified palm wood cab is really lovely and I found that it took pretty well to a high shine. The shine and the muted colors that make it so lovely to look at make it a pane to photograph. I had to take twenty pictures of it before getting three maybe four that will do. The main trick was to take the picture without any overhead light and let the flash do all the work. I would love to see this put into a brooch and decorated with silver or rose gold. Hopefully I can put it on Etsy along with the others. As far as problems goes, difficulty photographing is far better than it turning out to be just plane ugly.

Woo-hooo! The pain is gone! It may have taken X-rays and a very early morning trip to the chiropractor but the pain is gone. I was getting kerosene at the gas station and suddenly realized my face was not half squinched up and I didn’t look like a slightly cuter version of Quasimodo. With the M word gone the sun is warmer, the birds are cuter, and the husband is more handsome.

The special exhibit Megaladon is going to be fantastic. the sheer size of the beast is well represented and there is a place where you can research the type of tooth you may have. This exhibit is going to be wonderful and really falls within the realm of natural science. What really makes me feel so very proud is that between our future paleontologist and I, the case in the class room featuring fossils is going to be filled up. Some of my rocks will be on display as an educational tool. There will be petrified rock from Durham, fern fossils from Georgia, Savannah river agate, and fossil bits from Aurora NC. Once again I have to thank the generous folks at Martin Marietta for some of the Coastal plain conglomerate samples.

I want to share with people my absolute love of cook books. I am not a veteran cook or even a particularly great cook. What I love are the books that come with them. My Mother had a small shelf in my childhood home that held the most amazing window into exotic and foreign worlds, far away places and amazing celebrations. It was her cookbook shelf. Two years ago the great treasure I found was The Nancy Drew Cookbook by Caroline Keene. The first book was actually my sister’s but Mom let her put it in with her cookbooks. Now I have my own copy and it brings back all those happy memories like old friends come to visit. The recipes aren’t half bad if you have the mind to try something that young girls would like to cook. Or a young boy, he will thank you later when he can woo young ladies by saying “I can cook.” Quite frankly I cringe when young people can barely eat without a microwave and flash frozen food.

I am off to help my amazingly hot husband paint Warhammer Fantasy miniatures.
Thanks for visiting, Be Well.

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