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Happy Vernal Equinox Everybody!
The sun is warm and springy today, seeds just waiting to sprout in my yard, or so I hope. I put out soap wort and worm wood and penny royal plus some that came in a cute box at Christmas. My echinacia seeds are already coming out! and the lettuce is peeping out too. The mourning dove is cooing during the day and now the owl is calling as the sun dips down.

The pine trees are dropping resin like gifts from the branches. I wonder if this would smell good if dried out and burned? Do any of my dear readers know? If I had a way-back-machine I would create amber but alas I do not, so I am having to ask any of my faithful readers if they know about this burning proto-amber sort of thing.

A dear Goth friend from work told me where I can buy owl pellets! How nifty. They are about a dollar a piece but are sterilized and wrapped. There is an owl somewhere in the neighborhood but his roost is still a mystery to this suburban girl. Now I can stop my fruitless search for owl barf and spend a couple of bucks for hours of entertainment. There is a delightfully morbid yet intellectual aspect to picking out the bones of itty bitty dead critters.

The visit to my sister’s was delightful. The Chinese terracotta statues were wonderful and I tip my hat to the National Geographic Society for an excellent exhibit. In October they will have Wild Music. Our museum had It already and if anyone loves music or has children : Go see the exhibit! This also includes people who have ever listened to the sounds of the city and realized that there is an urban voice that is alive and breathing about us. They even have a giant xylophone to play for God’s sake.

The trip to the Reel Mine was capped at 50 people and I was number 60. My rock digging heart is broken but I know that all my rock digging buddies will have wonderful pictures to show and stories to tell. Go to American Rockhound for some of the great pictures to come and talk to fellow rock hounds.

I would like to personally thank Uncle Tree for commenting on one of my posts. The thought that someone with so much artistry and poetic nature would even read my post is very encouraging. For anyone who adores the idea of Tree Ents, loves art and fantasy writings, please oh please take a peek at this wonderful web site and blog. http://me2watson.wordpress.com/

I hope to have pictures from next weekends foray to the Reidsville Quarry. Perhaps not as exciting as the Reel Mine, this is still going to be a wonderful outing for some super rocks and specimens. My rock club is also having it’s show this April 9th, 10th, and 11th. It is free to the public and super cool. http://www.tarheelclub.org/ Go and check us out for meetings and show information. This year we also plan on having a kiddy pool filled with material from PCS Phosphate in Aurora NC. This means fossils, fossils, fossils!
I can only admire the dedication of out vice president and president and show coordinators: Love you all (even if some of you are going to the Reel Mine and I’m not.)

For those of you who are a part of the Winter, rest in the shade of the trees and the sepulcher night and for those who are a part of Summer may you spread your faces to the sun in joy.

Be well.

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Misty Cosmos

Misty Cosmos

I completely forgot to bring up pictures of “Misty Cosmos” my latest cabochon. The grain on the petrified palm is so fine and patterned that it looks like a photo from the Hubble telescope. I wish some of my cabs would get sold. If I can see the artistic potential in them, others must be able to somehow.

Let us all go in to mourning: It was announced this morning that the last wild wolverine in Michigan was found dead by hikers. Perhaps there is something about Michigan that I don’t know about but why didn’t the state try to protect it’s wild breeding population better? This is the state animal for God’s sake! I wonder if the wolverine was sickly, old, or harmed by a hunter or other animal. Did the fierce little buddy know it was the last one?

We were driving back from DC Monday afternoon and I had a foresight of summer. Right now in NC the sky is an overcast and leaden look but it is almost lovely in layers and contours of grey. Now Spring is right on track with being wet and humid, more warmth will bring out the denser feeling and Spring growth. Summer will have the same laden skies but not the rain. A heavy sky like a lid but dry, with a wind or breeze licking across the ground. There will be drought. When the sky clears there will be wind. When there is rain there should be a storm, lightening. I also saw sweeping rain early on like a summer gully washer. Sorry but the fall is still a mystery and hurricanes don’t speak until there is a wind to whisper to me. Perhaps that is poetic but it is as though the wind whispers pictures and ideas.

The price on suet is going down now that there is Spring and I am pleased to be able to continue to feed the birds something besides cheap seed. The squirrels get old nuts and bread crusts and withered grapes (boy do those little buddies go for the grapes). I can hear the squirrels running across the roof like little bouncy cannon balls and although I don’t care to be woken up by them I am glad to have them back.

Please Dear Readers, watch what moves about and celebrate as Winter protects itself in order to bear through Summer.

Be well.

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Yea!!! I had two people visit my site after thirteen days or more of nothing. Now I have to keep typing, which in reality is a good thing. So here we go folks… (drum roll, please) bbrrr,bbrrr, ba-bump, bump, bump!

I got my lettuce seeds into the ground and the Swiss chard. The seeds went down right before the last snow and now we have had rain for two and a half days. The snow was cold but not that tushy freezing ice storm of the past. The beans and beet seeds went in between drizzle on Wednesday and hopefully all these years of throwing vegetation and bags of manure on the garden patch will pay off. One of my favorite places to get plants and medicinals is from Companion Plants of Ohio. Even if a plant arrives puny they have always done right by me and answer my questions friendly and fast.

Yesterday was another soft, soft fog: cool and grey, a day to sleep in and revel in the quiet coolness before the heat of summer comes. Now there is a steady rain and steady cool drizzle falling.

Saturday is Reptile Amphibian Day at the Museum and I hope lots of people come. It’s the NC Museum of Natural Sciences’ way of “puttin’ on the green” for St Patrick’s day. This celebration is getting as big as Bug Fest and with all the hard work that goes in to this, the popularity is well deserved.

Lets not forget St Patrick’s Day is Wednesday and Vernal Equinox is next Saturday. St Patrick fought to bring his faith and beliefs to Ireland through sheer faith and strength of will. Celebrating such a strength of faith and historic piety at nearly the same time as the Vernal Equinox is strangely appropriate.

Last night I slept after after almost three weeks of insomnia. The last thing you should ever tell an insomniac is “…take something for it.” Yah! Just pop another pill and all my problems are solved. Dream on buddy. Yes I did resort to a sleeping pill last night but also a pain pill and muscle relaxer with phenugrin to keep me from vomiting. (Skelaxin can be taken with the sleep aid safely.) Pain can be so long term that finally your stomach turns on you and trying to keep down a whole bunch of pills just makes the pain and burning more intense. This is why I much prefer acupuncture. Unfortunately insurance doesn’t always recognize this invaluable medical service and some acupuncturists are only so-so. Get recommendations from previous patients and don’t go if they say “I think it helped ” or “The doctor didn’t really do much” or “Well, he looked at my tongue.” (Sure, inspecting the tongue is a valid tool for acupuncture but that should not be the high light of the visit.)

I would love to talk about Etsy but have very little to say right now. My shop is on auto pilot until I can get some more sleep and concentrate on talking with other bloggers. The hits have slowed considerably and it is rather dismal for me. My beloved husband still believes in my ideas and that buoys me but frankly neither of us is a marketing genius. I am rather flat at self promotion: I can talk about the relevance of art and self expression especially with children but not about what I produce, even though they are related. I am thinking about creating packs of lots of scrap cloth and colored card and trying to promote collage packs for children. It’s just an idea right now but hey, it’s twenty cents and worth a shot.

Beneath our feet all the stone and soil and water is swirling and leaping, ready to bolt forward with the turning of Spring that has already arrived. Feel the strength that seeps from the aether around us and celebrate before the Summer comes and brings it’s dying heat.

Flowers will come after the rain.
Be well and be dry.

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Yea! The last of Spring’s snow was beautiful and melted away like magic. The North and the East US as well as the Midwest are still waiting for Spring thaws but here in the South Spring is just beginning to peak out. I have rocks running through my head with the Spring flowers that pop up but my motivation has been low unfortunately.

I was going to go to Bessemer City but let me replay for you Saturday morning according to my beloved cutie patootie.
Alarm goes off at 3:15.
“Honey are you going to do your rocks?”
Snooz alarm is hit by spouse. 15 minutes passes.
“Are you getting up to go do rocks?”
“Uhuh…I think so. Yea, just gotta pee.” (Not unusual ’cause I usually need to pee at 3 in the morning. TMI for you? Get over it.)
I return and immediately fall asleep. ( I don’t remember this so I may have been asleep in the bathroom the whole time. One of those Mysteries only God knows.)
15 minutes passes.
“Sweety, do you think you are even going?”
“I don’t think so.”
Alarm turned off by spouse and I was already asleep.
My only excuse is that I was awake until 1:30 that morning and spunky here is no longer a spring chicken. I am rather angry at myself for not going but unless I can roll out of my tent, 3 o’clock is still a little early to go for rocks. Luckily for me some friends reminded me of of a greenway trail that has a river run through it and has lots of rocks. They looked for fossils without luck but I have higher hopes for rocks.

I would officially like to say that this Etsy thing Stinks!!!! My shop gets hits but no sales. Aaaarrrgghhh! The main thing I need to do is go on line and enter blogs that deal with collage and cabochons. OK I have no guts and no self esteem. I have absolutely no courage to go to other collage sites and say “Hi why does my site suck so badly?” In truth most collage sites I have found are from silk and cloth artists who make my mind spin with the delicate beauty and colors they sell. The difficult part is that fabric artists think there should be more quality cloth and those that sell just paper think there should be vintage paper in my offering or reams of paper in the mix. I was raised to believe that collage was and is a mixture of different media brought together by glue and thread and imagination. I really think that my ideas are good and that perhaps I need to offer more paper into the collage. The cost to me is almost nothing and my time is spent more cleaning the dining room table in order to cut stuff out than the cutting. (My darling and I live off of the dining table and our couch in the living room.) Now there is my time spent gathering the the paper and cloth but it is so “nothing” that I think it is almost a non issue. What I have to balance is paying myself more than two dollars an hour and how much to put in each pack. The cabs are lovely and will keep almost forever, it is the paper that has storage issues and that is really the third concern with the collage.

This month will bring lots of chances for rocks and also means that I have to get up my courage and talk with other bloggers about collage. This is not easy and I hope I can find someone that has stuff that I not only like but who can be helpful.

To make up for missing Bessemer City, I gardened all weekend. This was the weed pulling, leaf raking, dead plant pruning type of gardening. I much prefer the herb clipping flower plucking part but you don’t get one without the other. Right now is the time for the south to start planting the summer seeds like beans and squash. Luckily this spring should be rainy and help the plants to grow. I am ordering my seeds tonight so that they will arrive in time. Most of the seeds are minor plants and I have great hopes of things not dying off again this year. More bricks can come from my Father-in-law and the newer beds can be put in. No matter how much I love plants and herbs my brown thumb comes alive far too frequently. But with the new bed in a sunnier corner hope springs eternal.

I must admit to you I have a bad case of the “I wannas.” Chances are that I will be hitting my thrift store soon to try and satisfy the urge. The shopping urge is a strange thing and I wonder if it is normal to just woman or if men can get it too. I rarely hear men say “I just have to go shopping” or “I just want something.” Now I do know a fellow that goes to Build a Bear regularly with his wife but that can be put down to getting the good hubby award.

The nights are still chilly but the sun is warming and the rains are only a few days away. Enjoy what we have and pray about the moon and shadows as they grace the lawns and roofs of our homes and seep across the brick and stone.
Be well.

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