Oversleeping and Etsy frustration

Yea! The last of Spring’s snow was beautiful and melted away like magic. The North and the East US as well as the Midwest are still waiting for Spring thaws but here in the South Spring is just beginning to peak out. I have rocks running through my head with the Spring flowers that pop up but my motivation has been low unfortunately.

I was going to go to Bessemer City but let me replay for you Saturday morning according to my beloved cutie patootie.
Alarm goes off at 3:15.
“Honey are you going to do your rocks?”
Snooz alarm is hit by spouse. 15 minutes passes.
“Are you getting up to go do rocks?”
“Uhuh…I think so. Yea, just gotta pee.” (Not unusual ’cause I usually need to pee at 3 in the morning. TMI for you? Get over it.)
I return and immediately fall asleep. ( I don’t remember this so I may have been asleep in the bathroom the whole time. One of those Mysteries only God knows.)
15 minutes passes.
“Sweety, do you think you are even going?”
“I don’t think so.”
Alarm turned off by spouse and I was already asleep.
My only excuse is that I was awake until 1:30 that morning and spunky here is no longer a spring chicken. I am rather angry at myself for not going but unless I can roll out of my tent, 3 o’clock is still a little early to go for rocks. Luckily for me some friends reminded me of of a greenway trail that has a river run through it and has lots of rocks. They looked for fossils without luck but I have higher hopes for rocks.

I would officially like to say that this Etsy thing Stinks!!!! My shop gets hits but no sales. Aaaarrrgghhh! The main thing I need to do is go on line and enter blogs that deal with collage and cabochons. OK I have no guts and no self esteem. I have absolutely no courage to go to other collage sites and say “Hi why does my site suck so badly?” In truth most collage sites I have found are from silk and cloth artists who make my mind spin with the delicate beauty and colors they sell. The difficult part is that fabric artists think there should be more quality cloth and those that sell just paper think there should be vintage paper in my offering or reams of paper in the mix. I was raised to believe that collage was and is a mixture of different media brought together by glue and thread and imagination. I really think that my ideas are good and that perhaps I need to offer more paper into the collage. The cost to me is almost nothing and my time is spent more cleaning the dining room table in order to cut stuff out than the cutting. (My darling and I live off of the dining table and our couch in the living room.) Now there is my time spent gathering the the paper and cloth but it is so “nothing” that I think it is almost a non issue. What I have to balance is paying myself more than two dollars an hour and how much to put in each pack. The cabs are lovely and will keep almost forever, it is the paper that has storage issues and that is really the third concern with the collage.

This month will bring lots of chances for rocks and also means that I have to get up my courage and talk with other bloggers about collage. This is not easy and I hope I can find someone that has stuff that I not only like but who can be helpful.

To make up for missing Bessemer City, I gardened all weekend. This was the weed pulling, leaf raking, dead plant pruning type of gardening. I much prefer the herb clipping flower plucking part but you don’t get one without the other. Right now is the time for the south to start planting the summer seeds like beans and squash. Luckily this spring should be rainy and help the plants to grow. I am ordering my seeds tonight so that they will arrive in time. Most of the seeds are minor plants and I have great hopes of things not dying off again this year. More bricks can come from my Father-in-law and the newer beds can be put in. No matter how much I love plants and herbs my brown thumb comes alive far too frequently. But with the new bed in a sunnier corner hope springs eternal.

I must admit to you I have a bad case of the “I wannas.” Chances are that I will be hitting my thrift store soon to try and satisfy the urge. The shopping urge is a strange thing and I wonder if it is normal to just woman or if men can get it too. I rarely hear men say “I just have to go shopping” or “I just want something.” Now I do know a fellow that goes to Build a Bear regularly with his wife but that can be put down to getting the good hubby award.

The nights are still chilly but the sun is warming and the rains are only a few days away. Enjoy what we have and pray about the moon and shadows as they grace the lawns and roofs of our homes and seep across the brick and stone.
Be well.

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