Fog, frogs, and St Patrick’s Day

Yea!!! I had two people visit my site after thirteen days or more of nothing. Now I have to keep typing, which in reality is a good thing. So here we go folks… (drum roll, please) bbrrr,bbrrr, ba-bump, bump, bump!

I got my lettuce seeds into the ground and the Swiss chard. The seeds went down right before the last snow and now we have had rain for two and a half days. The snow was cold but not that tushy freezing ice storm of the past. The beans and beet seeds went in between drizzle on Wednesday and hopefully all these years of throwing vegetation and bags of manure on the garden patch will pay off. One of my favorite places to get plants and medicinals is from Companion Plants of Ohio. Even if a plant arrives puny they have always done right by me and answer my questions friendly and fast.

Yesterday was another soft, soft fog: cool and grey, a day to sleep in and revel in the quiet coolness before the heat of summer comes. Now there is a steady rain and steady cool drizzle falling.

Saturday is Reptile Amphibian Day at the Museum and I hope lots of people come. It’s the NC Museum of Natural Sciences’ way of “puttin’ on the green” for St Patrick’s day. This celebration is getting as big as Bug Fest and with all the hard work that goes in to this, the popularity is well deserved.

Lets not forget St Patrick’s Day is Wednesday and Vernal Equinox is next Saturday. St Patrick fought to bring his faith and beliefs to Ireland through sheer faith and strength of will. Celebrating such a strength of faith and historic piety at nearly the same time as the Vernal Equinox is strangely appropriate.

Last night I slept after after almost three weeks of insomnia. The last thing you should ever tell an insomniac is “…take something for it.” Yah! Just pop another pill and all my problems are solved. Dream on buddy. Yes I did resort to a sleeping pill last night but also a pain pill and muscle relaxer with phenugrin to keep me from vomiting. (Skelaxin can be taken with the sleep aid safely.) Pain can be so long term that finally your stomach turns on you and trying to keep down a whole bunch of pills just makes the pain and burning more intense. This is why I much prefer acupuncture. Unfortunately insurance doesn’t always recognize this invaluable medical service and some acupuncturists are only so-so. Get recommendations from previous patients and don’t go if they say “I think it helped ” or “The doctor didn’t really do much” or “Well, he looked at my tongue.” (Sure, inspecting the tongue is a valid tool for acupuncture but that should not be the high light of the visit.)

I would love to talk about Etsy but have very little to say right now. My shop is on auto pilot until I can get some more sleep and concentrate on talking with other bloggers. The hits have slowed considerably and it is rather dismal for me. My beloved husband still believes in my ideas and that buoys me but frankly neither of us is a marketing genius. I am rather flat at self promotion: I can talk about the relevance of art and self expression especially with children but not about what I produce, even though they are related. I am thinking about creating packs of lots of scrap cloth and colored card and trying to promote collage packs for children. It’s just an idea right now but hey, it’s twenty cents and worth a shot.

Beneath our feet all the stone and soil and water is swirling and leaping, ready to bolt forward with the turning of Spring that has already arrived. Feel the strength that seeps from the aether around us and celebrate before the Summer comes and brings it’s dying heat.

Flowers will come after the rain.
Be well and be dry.

One thought on “Fog, frogs, and St Patrick’s Day

  1. Uncle Tree makes three. 🙂

    I need to feel all wet myself, at times.
    Spring bolts me into action,
    and the warmth brings
    back my limberness.

    Thanks for hurrying it along for me today! UT

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