Vernal Equinox Day with owl pellets and Gem Shows

Happy Vernal Equinox Everybody!
The sun is warm and springy today, seeds just waiting to sprout in my yard, or so I hope. I put out soap wort and worm wood and penny royal plus some that came in a cute box at Christmas. My echinacia seeds are already coming out! and the lettuce is peeping out too. The mourning dove is cooing during the day and now the owl is calling as the sun dips down.

The pine trees are dropping resin like gifts from the branches. I wonder if this would smell good if dried out and burned? Do any of my dear readers know? If I had a way-back-machine I would create amber but alas I do not, so I am having to ask any of my faithful readers if they know about this burning proto-amber sort of thing.

A dear Goth friend from work told me where I can buy owl pellets! How nifty. They are about a dollar a piece but are sterilized and wrapped. There is an owl somewhere in the neighborhood but his roost is still a mystery to this suburban girl. Now I can stop my fruitless search for owl barf and spend a couple of bucks for hours of entertainment. There is a delightfully morbid yet intellectual aspect to picking out the bones of itty bitty dead critters.

The visit to my sister’s was delightful. The Chinese terracotta statues were wonderful and I tip my hat to the National Geographic Society for an excellent exhibit. In October they will have Wild Music. Our museum had It already and if anyone loves music or has children : Go see the exhibit! This also includes people who have ever listened to the sounds of the city and realized that there is an urban voice that is alive and breathing about us. They even have a giant xylophone to play for God’s sake.

The trip to the Reel Mine was capped at 50 people and I was number 60. My rock digging heart is broken but I know that all my rock digging buddies will have wonderful pictures to show and stories to tell. Go to American Rockhound for some of the great pictures to come and talk to fellow rock hounds.!/group.php?gid=219155789180&ref=ts

I would like to personally thank Uncle Tree for commenting on one of my posts. The thought that someone with so much artistry and poetic nature would even read my post is very encouraging. For anyone who adores the idea of Tree Ents, loves art and fantasy writings, please oh please take a peek at this wonderful web site and blog.

I hope to have pictures from next weekends foray to the Reidsville Quarry. Perhaps not as exciting as the Reel Mine, this is still going to be a wonderful outing for some super rocks and specimens. My rock club is also having it’s show this April 9th, 10th, and 11th. It is free to the public and super cool. Go and check us out for meetings and show information. This year we also plan on having a kiddy pool filled with material from PCS Phosphate in Aurora NC. This means fossils, fossils, fossils!
I can only admire the dedication of out vice president and president and show coordinators: Love you all (even if some of you are going to the Reel Mine and I’m not.)

For those of you who are a part of the Winter, rest in the shade of the trees and the sepulcher night and for those who are a part of Summer may you spread your faces to the sun in joy.

Be well.

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