Spring Pollen Over Fossil Digging with A Hint of The Blues.

Hi, I have returned from the Reel Mine and begun looking over my stash of crystals. I have to give kudos to the owner for overcoming a hostile neighbor and welcoming over 50 strangers onto his property who were armed with picks, pry bars, and shovels. Three feet from my most productive dig spot was a fellow rock hound who was pulling out plate sized plates and crystals the size of small hen eggs. At the moment he pulled them out of the very hard ground the crystals appeared to be the size of soccer balls. More credit to all my friends who were able to retrieve more than a thumb nail specimen from The Reel.

The weather has been sublime, and while I dug at the mine the weather was ideal. Sure there was a rain shower but under the branches of the pine trees I was just fine. The pollen has been gong crazy and I am afraid not a single seed of soapwort or wormwood will come up. My moonglow datura plants have not leafed back out and I am afraid they may have died off during the winter. The bean plants are perking out like crazy and that is a relief. Now I have to make sure my squash comes out, the seeds went down this afternoon. With any luck the vines will climb everywhere and create quite the picture in my yard.

I know that to most folks the Spring is a time of growth and Summer is life itself. I love Spring, it is a glorious slow warming that just melts all the pain and begs for the cleaning and reinventing of the home and soul. Summer on the other hand… lets just say I was once told by a very intuitive and mystic woman “Your part of the Winter Court.” (said with a kindly “well duh” look on her face.) I have been depressed and in an amazingly BAD funk for over two weeks. Last night I broke down crying in the bedroom, weeping about how depressed and horrible I feel and how depressing and horrible it is to feel depressed and horrible. After I had gotten most of this out of my system my dearest husband looks at me and says “It’s your Summer funk.”
“Sweetie, you always get depressed when Summer comes.”
“I do.?”
“Yep, usually at the end of May and you don’t come out of it until July. Your just early.”

It is amazing what 20 years and some perspective can do. I can’t get rid of the feeling that Summer is a time of death and drought and unbearable heat. I know that Summer means the fruit I love and the wonderful bees and honey and flowers but in the depth of my bones it yells death and I can’t stand it. So I have not posted for a while in order to spare you from the grumpiest and most whiny of moods. Perhaps there is a scientist out there that can research Seasonal Mood Disorders that happen at times other than winter.

I just took a stroller, infant car seat, buzzy chair and bassinet to the dump. My heart nearly broke as all the pastel colors were thrown into the bin with old wicker and lawn mowers. Charity groups will not take them and there were no takers on Free-cycle. How sad a comment on today’s produced goods that people are too afraid to take second hand items for fear of recalls.

I called the quarry at Castle Hayne and found out that they do indeed allow digging on Thursdays and Fridays if there is no blasting. Once again thank you Martin Marietta for letting collectors of stones and fossils into your mines. My work friends are all planning to go after the exhibit is over so we can all collect together. Our exhibit is about fossils and in a strange way my boss can have an educator’s thrill that his people are that inspired as to continue the research off hours no matter how fun the research may be. We plan on being at Castle Hayne on the 13th of May, straight down 40 to the beach it is easy for most of us to reach. For any diggers during the spring and summer, all seasons really, carry cold water with you when digging and put on sun screen: Heat prostration and sun burn are not your friends.

The Aurora NC Fossil Fair is 29th of may and is also free. Dirt from the PCS Phosphate mine is free for the searching and I plan on taking a bucket or two home. The south east fossil lovers all come out for this event and it is almost like a spring fair. The fossils are more modern than those at Castle Hayne, as modern as fossils can get, and tends to have more sharks teeth and animal bone.

Summer will be here sooner than the Solstice for those of us in the south so I give you fair warning about the heat and garden plants. As soon as I know that Summer is here I will say so but so far it is just on the verge and not arrived fully yet.

For all the dear readers who are a part of the Summer, enjoy your days in the sun. The rest of us need only remember there are only 6 more months.

Be well and thrive dearest visitors.

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