SAD Sadness and Quarry Hunts

Well, I’ll be! There is more than one reader for this blog of mine. At this point I can safely say that miracles never cease. Thank you my dedicated readers.

It has been almost a month since I last posted but not quite a month. Our AC is making strange sounds, my education is a joke, there are more weeds than mint in the garden, and Summer is in full swing. Please forgive me now but my mood is more sour than optimistic and I refuse to lie to you or lie in what is still a journal of sorts for myself.

I read recently that 80% of woman who have Seasonnal Affective Disorder (SAD) have it in the Summer and live in the Atlantic sea board. I read that and said “Hey! That’s me!” As much as Summer is a season of watermelon and bare feet it just brings me into the dumps. Two of the funniest things (in a sarcastic way) are that my hobby and life’s blood is collecting rocks, best done in the Summer, and one of my dear friends who is a tombstone hugging, Halloween loving Goth, always take’s her lunch outside in the Summer sun to lift her spirits.

The neighbor’s teenage kid while polite and quiet has taken up knife throwing. I can ignore the constant thump thump and truly do not worry about him having a knife. Heck when I was in high school that would have put him on my “cool” list. The problem is when he keeps missing the board and hits our fence. Our fence is not very fancy and is fairly bedraggled but we need as many boards to stay up as possible. I must say so far he has good strength behind the throw, as four of our fence slats can attest. This morning I asked him to throw on a bigger board and can now hear the thunk thunk against his Daddy’s fence and can only hope he keeps up the strength in his arm.

Recently while at work I ran across a huge book with maps included on places to collect rocks in NC. I dutifully copied many of these down between customers to the exhibit. I later looked at the publishing date and saw that it was more than twenty years out of date. Not daunted I went to Google Earth and started to hunt down these old quarries, iron mills, and crossings between state roads. While several places are now housing developments or malls I had the oddest of fun times finding Old Iron Mine Road or Quarry Drive. The quarry may now be a square shaped pond or the slag from the iron mine being shown in a small historic museum but somehow history keeps going. I felt like I could be a great archeological investigator like the ones in Britain who discover great Roman and Celtic artifacts because of place names on a road side or the nickname to a farmer’s field. I will let you know how the quarry search goes when I decide to hit the road and collect.

I am having to give up the great Rock Hound Round-Up with MAGMA again this Summer and encourage all mineral or stone enthusiasts to Attend the whole week of comradery and fun. I hope every one attending has the best of times and finds the perfect specimens.

I came across this FANTASTIC clothing store on-line that has absolutely lovely made clothing. The designs are made for woman who are not all anorexic and saddlebag deficient. The designs are creative and medievalish some with a bit of Goth and some with a bit of Asian flare. A lady at my museum told me about the site because she was just dressed great and I asked her where she got the outfit. I promptly forgot about the site for several months until I saw an add on FB and thought “wait, that’s the site the lady told me about.” Thank you well-dressed-stranger lady!

The sun is finally starting to lower sufficiently in the sky and I am going to pray the AC sticks it out for one more season. To all of the Dear Readers,
Be Well

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