Starting Back Again and With Pictures!

I would like to start this new entry by saying that cowardice takes all forms. And as embarrassing as it is I was struck by a wave of cowardice a mile long right around Christmas. I had almost convinced myself that there was no reason to blog and that my paltry efforts were wasting away into the world of cyber nothingness. A month or three weeks ago I suddenly realized that I have many nifty web sites book marked just in case I decided to blog again. This and my darlingest spouse convinced me to try this blogging thing for another go around.

So…. I am sitting here in the kitchen-hallway-dining-room typing to you while the rain streams down making the flowering trees match the grey white clouds in the sky.  Funny how the birds still talk under the dripping branches and the squirrels hunker into their nests and make their squeaky tech-tech noises.

Spring has come early to NC even if the wind is still chill the Spring is here.  The snow and storms of February that I felt hit Asheville and the Tennesse border.  I just finished putting some late spring seeds into peat pots and thought “Gee I wonder who else does this”. With the huge emphasis on reusing items I am surprised at how many people do not reuse their two liter plastic bottles for plants. With plants that require a germination dome or plastic cover, take a clean two liter and either cut the bottom off or cut it across the middle. Voila, instant germination dome and free ta’ boot. I also use plastic two litter bottles when having to grow seeds that require LOTS of root space and a year or more in the sun room.

There was a request for pictures of my rocks. Old pictures but this is what I have so far.

And I would like to Add that Diamond Hill is on FB and will notify when there is an open dig. Honestly I am pretty much a sycophant to Diamond Hill as it was the first place I ever dug and is easier than spit. If you can’t find a crystal at DH there is not enough help for you.

Now is the time of year that people want puppies and cats and the SPCA has more litters than they can shake a stick at. Please donate to the local SPCA or shelter if you must give to a charity. And if you are flush with the spirit of giving and the cash too then may I suggest Full Moon Farms.
This lady is a real honest to God charity and is incredible. She cares for, rehabilitates. and sometimes helps with the adoption of Wolf Hybrid dogs. Wow!

It is getting colder and after 4:00 in the early evening and still raining. I can hear that owl in the neighbor hood and really must try and find where it barfs its pellets. Soon it will be my turn to make dinner and now I must get up and close the door, my feet are chilly. Hmm, there’s the owl again.

To all who have tried and then tried again,
Be Well

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