On the Move again and Ninja Squirrel

Good Evening Gentle Readers,
Night is settling upon soft shoulders tonight and my hopes go into not having this post eaten by the internet boojums. So first I would like to say that the bird feeder has been quite the hit with the song birds building nests and this one particular ninja squirrel in the back yard. I especially enjoy putting out the scraps of popcorn and fruit remnants and coming back the next day or even in hours and see the basket picked out.  The squirrel seems to eye me from the crook of the tree and send off vibes that say ‘Just put the food down and back away from the buffet.’

I wish to be perky and enthusiastic for you but to be truthful my life is torn right now. Not in any horrible or dire tear jerking kind of torn but in a way that still gives grief and stresses.  We are rather happy and content in our apartment, despite a few quirks, and now we find out that we have to move.  Our land lord is selling the property and the people that will buy it are after the land not tenants.  As our dear landlord is in his 80’s and just weathered one of the worst winters on record for Chicago it is no wonder he would like to retire to the suburbs and not shovel any more snow on a four story building or deal with plumbing issues in a basement.  I just do not want to move again from the comfy confines of our strange apartment;  but we must, so now I am playing secretary and personal assistant:  calling and begging the rental agencies to call us back.  This is a phenomena that may be only in Chicago but if it is not then know this, Gentle Reader, you are not alone in your frustration.  I am about to start offering them my first born child but seeing as how I have no children the offer may appear a little false.  And dry humor is also another sign of the desperate.  So please if you are thus inclined, pray for us or send housing vibes our way in this our little trial.

Today’s morning sun has given way to a balmy and breezy Spring with that fuzzy grey blue sky that only comes from being on one of the greatest inland seas which we call Lake Michigan.  I thrill at the sounds outside my window:  birds chirruping to each other, the work horn blasting off and on, rivet guns popping along the repaired train line, and the periodic purring rumble of the elevated train.  I do miss the South and even my beloved Virginia Beach so I am inwardly thrilled each time I hear a seagull call from overhead.  They are a marvelously adaptive bird and even if their nick name is sky rats, well then they wear that badge proudly over the soft grey and white feathers.

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Wishing you the magic of unfurled tree buds waiting to open,

Be Well