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Greetings Gentle Readers,
Father’s Day has come and gone and now Summer is finally upon us. Allow me, if you will, to give a belated salute to father’s everywhere. I have a dear friend that chose not only to open up his heart a second time but to adopt and become an instant father as well. I can only thank the wonderful men out there who decided that they wanted to be not only a teacher and protector but an example of manhood to a little girl or boy out there. So many men I know help to prove that fatherhood is in the heart and mind if not always from the blood. Thank You Gentlemen!

Summer here in Chicagoland has been amazingly gentle and rainy. Solstice was spent near the Bridgeport area collecting Ordivician fossils. While I will admit that fossils are not my most favorite there are aspects that still fascinate and beguile. The ride with the Lizzadro Museum was pleasantly uneventful and as the bus looped its way to the bottom of the quarry I once again was in awe of how one area can be so replete with stone. The day was overcast yet just sunny enough to require sun screen. The quarry piles were filled with fossils and here is the fascination: At one point in the past this area was covered by sea life and aquatic critters to such an extent that even with tides and storms there were yards deep deposited to a sea floor. Climbing to the top of a shifting pile of stones and you feel like the whole small world is yours. Every stone has some sort of fossil from a weathered calcite crystal imprint to snails and clams to the elusive receptoculites. A father was there with his two children and we both managed to find pyrite cubes with calcite and fossils. It warmed my heart to see someone openly sharing the natural world with their children. Even the young girlie girls were exploring the quarry while one young boy decided to tell me about the living creatures that were in the pond. And here I will digress Gentle Reader and admit that I have always wanted to skinny dip in a quarry pond; the thought of all the stone around me with open blue sky above and cool water lapping around my bare legs. But I warn those who are as romantic in vision as I am: Most quarry ponds have a bad ph and will do equally bad things to your skin.

IMG_0371 IMG_0372 IMG_0373
Sunday was cool and pleasant enough to have the air conditioning off and the windows open. Somewhere in the neighborhood there was a live band playing perky modern jazz and the music floated across the breeze. At the other side of the apartment a World Cup Party was in progress and one could hear the cheering and exclaiming. Even with a migraine the day was bucolic and pleasant.


The cotton wood trees are a new experience for me.  For a week the street was lined with great poofs of fluffy white while the air looked almost silky when the sunbeams cut through the tree branches.  Somehow it was like walking through a fairy tale world and did bring a special feeling to the morning dog walks.  Not as romantic but still as poetic in its own right is the great mulberry plopping that comes after the cottonwood tree seeding.  The same thunder storms that flatten down the white tree fluff now bring down plump purple-black fruits all over the porch and sidewalk.  The ninja squirrels are even more hyper as they feast on the mulberries, running from the seeds at the feeder to the mulberry tree.


And because the mulberry plopping tree is outside by the porch that leads to the laundry, I am reminded, Gentle Reader that I need to go and empty the dryer of it’s contents.  So I end this post wishing you gentle winds, glorious rains, and sunny days.

Be Well

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Hello, Dearest Readers,

Today is a soft and rainy day in Chicago. Last nights’ storm of steel grey clouds and ominous glow moved out over Lake Michigan and left us with gentle rain. Trees are leafing out and gardens are sprouting crocus, tulips, and daffodils. Down home in North Carolina and across the South they are battening down the hatches and watching for tornadoes while last week parts of the Pacific North West had snow fall. Wherever you are Gentle Reader I hope you are safe and dry.

Mother’s Day is coming and then Father’s Day soon after. While not all of us have reasons to celebrate and love, enough do that I want to celebrate Mothers with you.  For many women motherhood is a choice what with birth control, adoption, and final options.  And I have a Dear Girlfriend who made that choice.  I can’t tell you her whole story for it is hers to tell but here are the parts that count for Mother’s Day: In her thirties she was single and pregnant with no strong family to lean on and a delinquent father of the baby.  She not only gave birth and decided to love and raise the baby but got her bachelors degree then moved to North Carolina to finish her Master’s Degree in biology.  Now any nay sayers may say  “So she is smart.  Should I be impressed?”  My Dear Girlfriend’s intellect is not the purpose of this story.  She chose to be the mother to a wonderful baby girl and not just rest on her laurels.  She chose to ignore the statistics that said she should fail and went on to prove to others and one day to a young girl that mother’s and therefore girls can achieve the proverbial impossible.  I send my salute not only to Dear Girlfriend but to all mothers that try every day to prove to daughters and sons alike that the world is yours if you never give up.

In the interests of spoiling me rotten and gaining more of my undying love, my Beloved Husband has taken me to the Lake Michigan beach and helped me collect stones to my hearts content.  Oh what a delight it was ti hear the surf crashing over and over, to feel the warm sand under my feet and to gaze at a beach made of tumbled stones.  I even managed to find the elusive Lake Michigan agate and those special rocks showing compacted breccia from the glaciers that once flattened the land and dropped these very stones.  For more fantastic stones and rocks try my web site:   http://intartia303.wix.com/bonesofthe-earth

And here are some of those pictures from my beach sojourn.IMG_0300 IMG_0297 IMG_0294 IMG_0293

I never  anticipated so many fossil stones and to even find such a glorious agate, but Mother earth and Mother Ocean came through and my prayer before hand didn’t hurt either.  Yes Dear Reader there are no atheists in fox holes or when collecting rocks.

Blessings of the Sky and Earth and Sun to you, Gentle Readers,

Be Well

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Good Evening Gentle Readers,
Night is settling upon soft shoulders tonight and my hopes go into not having this post eaten by the internet boojums. So first I would like to say that the bird feeder has been quite the hit with the song birds building nests and this one particular ninja squirrel in the back yard. I especially enjoy putting out the scraps of popcorn and fruit remnants and coming back the next day or even in hours and see the basket picked out.  The squirrel seems to eye me from the crook of the tree and send off vibes that say ‘Just put the food down and back away from the buffet.’

I wish to be perky and enthusiastic for you but to be truthful my life is torn right now. Not in any horrible or dire tear jerking kind of torn but in a way that still gives grief and stresses.  We are rather happy and content in our apartment, despite a few quirks, and now we find out that we have to move.  Our land lord is selling the property and the people that will buy it are after the land not tenants.  As our dear landlord is in his 80’s and just weathered one of the worst winters on record for Chicago it is no wonder he would like to retire to the suburbs and not shovel any more snow on a four story building or deal with plumbing issues in a basement.  I just do not want to move again from the comfy confines of our strange apartment;  but we must, so now I am playing secretary and personal assistant:  calling and begging the rental agencies to call us back.  This is a phenomena that may be only in Chicago but if it is not then know this, Gentle Reader, you are not alone in your frustration.  I am about to start offering them my first born child but seeing as how I have no children the offer may appear a little false.  And dry humor is also another sign of the desperate.  So please if you are thus inclined, pray for us or send housing vibes our way in this our little trial.

Today’s morning sun has given way to a balmy and breezy Spring with that fuzzy grey blue sky that only comes from being on one of the greatest inland seas which we call Lake Michigan.  I thrill at the sounds outside my window:  birds chirruping to each other, the work horn blasting off and on, rivet guns popping along the repaired train line, and the periodic purring rumble of the elevated train.  I do miss the South and even my beloved Virginia Beach so I am inwardly thrilled each time I hear a seagull call from overhead.  They are a marvelously adaptive bird and even if their nick name is sky rats, well then they wear that badge proudly over the soft grey and white feathers.

Mother’s Day is coming soon and I strongly suggest going to my web site for some serious shopping.  I have jewelry, crystals, geodes and rocks and stones; such wondrous and enviable items that you will be giving a most unique and well planned out gift:     http://intartia303.wix.com/bonesofthe-earth

Wishing you the magic of unfurled tree buds waiting to open,

Be Well


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Hello Great World out there and all the Gentle Readers,
It never fails to amaze me how easy it is to lock ones’ self away in a prison of doubt and fear and then smother it all with regrets. I apparently have a great talent at this and so I did this with my blog. So why am I even trying to return?  Well, Gentle Readers, if I give in to the voices of fear then those voices have won and my voices of fear are apparently rather nasty little trolls and gremlins of the spirit and mind.

Firstly, I write to you from North Chicago instead of the rural apartment paradise of the South.  My move up here was an event in and of itself; my dearest beloved’s valiant drive in a U-haul van through line storms and tornadoes could have filled a blog post all by itself.  The Winter here alone is another post. But let me dwell on Spring for you.  When the sun comes out the small tufts of green peak out from the grey ground teasing the eyes and the heart for at night comes the Spring snow dustings and the mornings are filled with whip cold breezes and temperatures barely above 30 degrees. Right now my feet are pleasantly toasting by the gas fireplace while the geriatric collie dog sleeps under the bed. With the thaw comes the little song birds that hid in the eves and southern climes over Winter, the seagulls reappear from gullies by the lake shore, and clusters of starlings whirl and swerve through the sky.  Across the street from me is one of the famous elevated trains of Chicagoland and great potholed arteries have cars whipping down them only a block away yet over the snowy Winter I saw unmistakable dear tracks across the sidewalk and bunny rabbits now compete for food with the squirrels.

I love a good yard sale, estate auction, and thrift store find.  There is no reason to hide the fact and today I want to share my recent finds with you by genteelly bragging:  I found my china pattern by Franciscan China.  What would have cost me over thirty dollars a cup I bought three saucers and two coffee cups for just two dollars.  I commenced to do the Happy Dance all the way to the brown line train station.  The books section is packed doubles down the shelf and the clothing is top notch.  So if you want a great little excursion of discovery in Northern Chicago then I recommend the Mount Sinai Hospital Resale Shop.  There is something so primal and exciting about the good find at an incredible price.  I challenge some scientist to study if this could relate to our early hunter gatherer instincts for food and provision?  If this is true then I smirk at myself that my ancient ancestress must have been one heck of a root finder and berry picker.

For some reason it is easy to show prowess at gathering goods but hard to show prowess of other kinds but I must, so now I will.  Gentle Readers, it is with a nervous yet happy gleam that I tell you my web site is live and up for the world to shop at.  I sell crystals and jewelry and stone by the ton.  One of the greatest delights was to have friends that do not lie tell me that the site is lovely and easy to navigate.  I tried.  I really did.   http://intartia303.wix.com/bonesofthe-earth

Folks ask for pictures of my rocks so here are some of the new onyx that I have to sell and the makers of onyx and fossil gifts from Morocco.


This is a peak for you and me into the beautiful world of the city of Rissani and the entrance to any great adventure into the deserts of Morocco.   If you are interested in onyx or fossil dishes just message me and we can figure things out.  It isn’t hard to do it just takes time to ship such romantic stones across an ocean.

With these thoughts and pictures and shopping offerings I will leave you so you have time to go to my web site or bundle your scarf around your neck and go to a thrift store.

Under the cold Moon and the warm Sun,

Be Well.

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Greetings Gentle Readers,
Today is December 4th and despite my strongest desires the weather has mellowed back out. My balcony door is open with a warm damp breeze wafting through the house right now. I can hear the sounds of over wintering birds chirping at the edge of the scrub woods, that mixes with distant car engines and a low flying air plane. The other day the roofs of the apartment buildings were covered by sea gulls, meaning there is weather coming in off of the coast soon.  Today the clouds look like ripples of grey corduroy and we would have snow if the temperature would drop by 34 degrees. Our Indian Summer continues at it’s own soft, languid pace.

For those who are still trying to decide on presents and those that are already into the next year, allow me if you would, to boast of a web site.  I know the people who run this and not only are they artists and lovers of the natural world they are plain old good people with whit and spunk:   http://www.etsy.com/shop/gypsumoon    And for a more personal part of their shop:  http://www.facebook.com/GypsumMoonVintage.   Vintage ’till you can drop, in jewelry and collectables.  They also operate on E-bay with selling more minerals and rocks.

Also if folks are preparing for the BIG show of all shows in Tuscon, Arizona I recommend you contact my friend Hami who can supply you with enough good amethyst for several shows at Tuscon:  http://www.facebook.com/hami.lbizan?ref=ts&fref=ts  and also at  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amethyst/184910988187445?ref=ts&fref=ts    And if fossils are your thing then Hami can also supply you with more ammonites or carved pieces than you can throw a stick at.

(Sure, I am blatantly pimping for my friends but some one has to do it.)

Once again I am for ever thankful for a job I like and can tolerate with relative ease.  Any of my friends from High School can attest to a Science Museum being the last place I ever thought I would work, let alone become a scientist which is what a gemologist is.  Yet here I am at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences working with the Titanic Exhibit.  At the end of this year our Director steps down so she can guide from a retired frame of mind and most probably fly fish to her hearts content.  Even though I am a very low fish on a mighty big totem pole (well the analogy almost works) she still remembers where in the building I work.  For better or for worse, as all great leaders make unpopular decisions at times,”All Hail Betsy Benet.”  Yep, how cool is that, the woman that took on the good ol’ boys network goes by Betsy too.

Even though the 21st is fast approaching, the Seasons shifting as dim light grows to become the Summer sun, I just can’t seem to get into the Yule spirit.  I even bought lights to put around the Face on our balcony, yet every thing seems stuck in a grey funk.  This is not the grey of steely clouds, fluffy kittens, or smooth flint; no this is the sludgy grey that kinda forms in old gutters or far too often in my garbage disposal.  The saving grace is the friends and family I have.  So many of my friends are artistic, emotive, flamboyant, naturalistic, and loving people I can’t imagine getting by with out them.  My sister is also still the sweetest, kindest, most precious person to ever exist even if we do irritate the living day lights out of each other from time to time.  Perhaps one more week of our Indian Summer and I will be able to connect with the wind and trees and roots and leafs of the Winter Season.

For now, as geese glide home and crows form black murders in bare branches,

Be Well

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Hello World and any intrepid internet explorer who manages to stumble across this blog in the wilds of the world wide web,

Blogging is far harder than I ever thought and more of a personal experience than expected. I loved sharing stories about the squirrels around the house and the owls nesting somewhere in the neighborhood and then we moved.  Although Darling Husband and I are far happier than we were at the house, ‘poof’ goes my garden and squirrels and bird feeder.  I still feel as though I have somehow betrayed the animals in the old neighborhood.  I did take as many of the yard’s plants as I could with me and most of them are currently overgrowing the library sewing room in a hodge-podge of planters and pots. What was supposed to be a book retreat has turned into a miniature arboretum with vines and leafs slowly moving over every surface.

The apartment complex has a few nesting merlins nearby and at night we can hear the ‘Kee, kee, ke, ke, ke” as they swoop across the parking lot to the sump ponds and neighborhoods behind us.  Be they weedy brown sump ponds or not there are thriving colonies of frogs that have croaked and ‘gerped’ their way through the summer.  Now they are going quiet as winter sets in early for NC.  And yet the other day i saw an egret in one of the ponds just standing there with the mud and mushrooms as though it was always coming to visit.  The mountains here have already had several feet of snow thanks to the super storm Sandy and the Piedmont has been waiting in wonder for our snow.  During Sandy I could smell the snow on the morning breeze and see the grey clouds rippling across the sky but they never became heavy enough to drop on us.

Fear not any of you Intrepid Readers who have liked my blogs for the web and shopping sites, I have plenty of thumbs-ups to give around.  There is a site that sells very nice and well priced artisan made jewelry called Trader Lou’s at traderlou.com .   He sells larimar in good blue color that is hard to find in the states and often runs sales and contests.  It is a right nifty web site and so far has seemed to be on the up-and -up.

A part of my life has now been spent on Face Book.  I will not sit here and deride it and say it is horrible when I talk to friends every day and share pictures and dreams with them.  FB is like a pen-pall service that supports pictures and music clips from U-Tube.  For a year now I have been writing with a friend from Morocco.  I count myself so lucky that we met through collecting rocks.  While all rocks are a wondrous the rocks and fossils from Morocco are particularly lush.  My friend lives in the city of Rissani.  Far from the blue and ancient ocean, Rissani sits nestled next to the ever changing desert like an old yet proud sentry to the inside of the country.  This is the land of the Berber and I can just imagine the sounds and people around me as the sun sets.  Not only is Rissani an ancient capital of the region it is an area of oasis spas and cyber cafes.  With every picture Hami sends me my bucket list grows.  Here are some pictures to help where my words may fail me.

Oasis paradise with Berber tents.

Even unwashed it is amazing!

Moroccan amethyst, this is considered normal!

Berber woman with book

My good friend Hami.

Desert tea

As I look over just a few of the pictures I have posted for you it is still amazing to be a part of a desert country while a cold winter begins to set in here in America.  The nights are getting so chill and frost is starting to nip at the windows and blades of grass.  There are still coyotes that roam around the neighborhoods, choosing between small animals and trash cans for a delectable dinner.  Tonight the moon has a golden cast in her wake and the stars are hiding and flirting with the clouds.

Be Well Dear Readers

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Hello, Dear Readers out there.

I assure every one that the tornadoes did not sweep me away. The storms that swept the South and put a tree through the house of a Dear Friend of mine managed to bring down a twig in my yard. Yep, that was it, a twig, oh, and we lost power for three hours. The March Lion started out as tentative grey showers and as April moved in the Lion turned into a very hungry Pride. We are still waiting for the Lamb.

I commend everyone, especially my Lovely Red Headed Girl-friend, who have donated time and goods to the tornado victims across the Plains and the South here. And I give a true compassionate thank you to Fire, Police, Rescue, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army for being the first on scene and still there now.

Right now the frogs are croaking for all they are worth, a vibrant chorus in the dark. This makes the weeds and brambles and discarded branches of the way-back an ecosystem instead of weeds, brambles, and discarded branches. We have even seen several Mr Hoppy Toads in our front garden beds there has been so much rain. They could be Lady Toads quite frankly but I am not picking them up to check.

I am very happy to say that the God Baby’s pumpkin from last Fall has seeded in the garden. Scattered pumpkin seeds have sprouted like a little green hat of leafs over the dessicated pumpkin shell.

I would also like to officially say that chervil and lovage are difficult to grow from scattered seed. If I can get one plant from a whole packet of seeds I will be ecstatic. Now the fennel is popping up with the dill but everything else is pretty much laughing at me.

Thumbing our noses at convention we were radical and alternative and had an egg hunt on Mother’s Day. (The invited children had been sick on Easter but I prefer the radical image myself.) The day was perfect and lovely. My Greatly Beloved and I had fun trying to find unique places to hide the eggs. There were even tea cakes made from altered cake mix that went over swimmingly I must say. The two girls even ate them when they found out the “squishy things” were raisins.

My kitchen was 3/4 covered in crystal rocks from a recent trip to Diamond Hill but it all got scrubbed and put away in time for the cups of egg dye to be set up. There were several instances of pale lavender druzy and wonderfully weird specimens of crystal growth. There are small chunks the size of two or three thumbs that had quartz covered by a blanket of black manganese oxide then clear crystals grew over the Mg. I also have a similar sample now in iron oxide rust brown. They may be small but so amazing in the chance creation and beauty.

Everybody has favorite sites they go to for information and answers or just to read and relax. I would like to commend this blog and web site to you folks. The Lady who started this started with the SCA, who are by and far just good people, and then morphed this into a a real bonafide web site and blog. This takes dedication, talent and lots of guts and fortitude.

My thanks to you Lady for giving us another quality research tool and a friendly voice to read over the internet.

To all, may you feel the Spring wash through you like a pulse of sunlight carried on the whispering breeze.
Be Well

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I would like to start this new entry by saying that cowardice takes all forms. And as embarrassing as it is I was struck by a wave of cowardice a mile long right around Christmas. I had almost convinced myself that there was no reason to blog and that my paltry efforts were wasting away into the world of cyber nothingness. A month or three weeks ago I suddenly realized that I have many nifty web sites book marked just in case I decided to blog again. This and my darlingest spouse convinced me to try this blogging thing for another go around.

So…. I am sitting here in the kitchen-hallway-dining-room typing to you while the rain streams down making the flowering trees match the grey white clouds in the sky.  Funny how the birds still talk under the dripping branches and the squirrels hunker into their nests and make their squeaky tech-tech noises.

Spring has come early to NC even if the wind is still chill the Spring is here.  The snow and storms of February that I felt hit Asheville and the Tennesse border.  I just finished putting some late spring seeds into peat pots and thought “Gee I wonder who else does this”. With the huge emphasis on reusing items I am surprised at how many people do not reuse their two liter plastic bottles for plants. With plants that require a germination dome or plastic cover, take a clean two liter and either cut the bottom off or cut it across the middle. Voila, instant germination dome and free ta’ boot. I also use plastic two litter bottles when having to grow seeds that require LOTS of root space and a year or more in the sun room.

There was a request for pictures of my rocks. Old pictures but this is what I have so far.

And I would like to Add that Diamond Hill is on FB and will notify when there is an open dig. Honestly I am pretty much a sycophant to Diamond Hill as it was the first place I ever dug and is easier than spit. If you can’t find a crystal at DH there is not enough help for you.

Now is the time of year that people want puppies and cats and the SPCA has more litters than they can shake a stick at. Please donate to the local SPCA or shelter if you must give to a charity. And if you are flush with the spirit of giving and the cash too then may I suggest Full Moon Farms.
This lady is a real honest to God charity and is incredible. She cares for, rehabilitates. and sometimes helps with the adoption of Wolf Hybrid dogs. Wow!

It is getting colder and after 4:00 in the early evening and still raining. I can hear that owl in the neighbor hood and really must try and find where it barfs its pellets. Soon it will be my turn to make dinner and now I must get up and close the door, my feet are chilly. Hmm, there’s the owl again.

To all who have tried and then tried again,
Be Well

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Hello, Dearest Readers, those who know I have not vanished from the face of the planet. My last three blogs were written at least three times apiece because of unintentional erasing. I am convinced that in the back of my mind I didn’t want to suffer through that ‘oops where did it go’ for a fourth time. Well, to quote friend who is quite a character: Time to pull up the big girl panties and go on.

This has been a delectable Indian Summer. I remember them from my childhood in Indiana as a Siren song from True Summer that made you forget the heat and sun burns, remembering only warm days of filtered sunlight and running through the last of the long grass. Here in the South the leaves are turning crisp colors in browns and golds with faded orange and wistful spots of yellow. The storms that I thought would be from Hurricanes have come and gone across the state and were indeed powerful storms but just not Hurricanes. Such is the precarious nature of long range forecasting. Luckily my area here in the Piedmont has been mostly spared from devastation and flooding. When the rain has come it has been days put together of rapid drizzle mingling with drenching downpours.

The God-baby is now wearing adorable coats and sweaters in varying shades of pink, looking like a fairy princess of cuteness. My mother always said that we grew fast but that statement is rather hard to understand unless you have watched a baby grow. It is as though one day she is barely toddling across the floor and then the next she is racing with the dog around the island in the kitchen. My Dear Friend is doing wonderfully at her scientific job and is an amazing combination of scientist-lady and wonder-mommy.

I missed another trip to Diamond Hill and felt a part of my rock hound heart cry. My migrains are back to three days every two weeks and there is almost nothing more miserable than laying in your tent on the hard ground, cold and racked with pain, knowing that to go to the “cedar house” means getting out of your sleeping bag and crossing a camp in the dark with 38 degrees of cold outside. Yes I have done this and find little to recommend it. I dearly hope that all my MAGMA friends found wonderful crystals and sang several songs around the campfire for me. The owner of Diamond Hill, Chet, is a great guy, whose wife is a dear, and runs a top notch little operation. If anyone wants to get into rock hounding in North or South Carolina look up Diamond Hill in South Carolina and talk to Chet. If his place doesn’t hook you I don’t know what will.

I have shared my frustration with you about furthering my studies into gemology so let me tell you of some almost nearly really great news. First off I have been volunteering with geology department at my Science Museum. I have been helping to start a catalogue of wave graphs from an IR machine with an ATR attachment. In the cold hard truth of the matter I sit in a grey room and click on the computer mouse every three minutes or so and then carefully change out another mineral and start the clicking over again. The exciting part is watching the graphs of each gem or mineral appear and discovering the unique patterns and subtle differences that form. This somehow just thrills me and I cannot wait to go through the next tray of specimens.
The Second piece of almost nearly great news is the discovery of a fully on line gemology school that is actually respected in the community of gemologists, which can be rather prejudicial and opinionated. The school is The International School of Gemology. The ISG is apparently a combination of my beloved Gem-A London and the prestigious GIA here in America. It looks as thought the answer to my year, yes a year or more, of depression and fretting may have appeared. The best part is I wasn’t even looking for schools in gemology when I did the Google search: Thank you Oh Great Google Searcher in The Sky.

Besides the wondrous blog site http://curiousexpeditions.org/ , which I highly recommend for all kinds of scientifically bizarre and fantastical reading, I would like to guide people to a web site called The Three Graces. Yes this is a retail site that is far above my budget but if anyone wants to shower me with gifty-ness I like Baroque and Edwardian emeralds and Art Neuvo moonstone. Just to gaze at the items offered in a computerized form of window-shopping is to feast your eyes on rare displays of art that just happen to be jewelry. http://www.georgianjewelry.com/ (Of course I assume they are trustworthy and noble retailers, and because as I stated they are almost beyond my imagination in price I can not personally vouch for them.)

I trust that the passing of the Vernal Equinox, All Hallows Eve and the days for The Dead and The Saints went smoothly for all my readers. Fall can be such a mighty transition for some of us that it can be hard to stay balanced. Some feel the falling away of Summer with an almost saddened yet piercing pain while others can become overwhelmed by the rushing song of Fall. We have already had sporadic frost across North Carolina but Winter will not arrive until December or perhaps a week into the month. I expect there to be sleet or freezing rain before there is significant snow.

Split the firewood, ready the bird feeders, and get those recipes started for baked bread and all things yummy. This late Summer I found yet another wonderful second hand consignment store in my town and came across a bunch of The Workbasket, which are adorably old and reminiscent of middle class gentility from the 60s. They not only have cutely-quaint instructions for knitting baby hats and crocheting elegant doilies but there is a recipe section in each one that is a treasured peak into bygone delights for the stomach: Homemade fondants and Easter cakes or summer salads and Spicy Pecan Pudding Cake. I encourage anyone who enjoys the thrill of discovering forgotten recipes and amassing an eclectic treasury to delve into the corners of thrift stores and to leaf through seemingly outdated ladies magazines.

The hour is late now, Dear Reader, and because I have still not become used to the end of Daylight Savings Time, the time seams even later. I must still post this to the blog and hope it does not disappear on me after I have just yelled “No, wrong button. Wrong button!”
Be Well.

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Autumnal Greetings

Hello Gentle Readers,

I had a new post for a new Season typed and ready to go with brilliant words and astounding insight.  Then I clicked on publish and the computer laughed at me and dispersed my brilliance to the digital nether world.  Obviously God didn’t think I was so startlingly witty and wise.

So once again I greet you with “Happy Fall Gentle Reader”.  This Fall season will prove to be very dry this year.  Past Seasons have been spent listening to rain pitter pattering over yellow and orange leafs as puddles form on grey sidewalks.  This Fall will have sparse warm winds gently rustling through dried brown leafs on the ground.  For some reason the trees look grey and black in my mind’s eye. The Winter is a toss-up of unknowns but I think that frost will come from sheer, dry,  cold and any Winter blankets will be ice in December.

Our neighbor broke out his chain saw and managed to get one fourth of one tree cut up.  So if there is any severe cold snap we will be set assuming the rest of the fallen trees get cut.  My Darling went to help and taking into acount the massive amount of bug bites and sore muscles that he had, our neighbor may take his sweet time finnishing as he is pleasntly daddy-like in his physique.

My rock hound friends in MAGMA should be digging in Marion, Kentucky for Fluorite this weekend and I wish them all great success and the motherload of crystals for my dearest friends.  The host for part of this trip is the Ben E Clement Museum.  If anyone is ever on that side of the Appalachians and wants to see an increadible display of native stones go to this Museum and enjoy some time with the knowledgeable and devoted staff.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Harvest Moon or Dying Grass Moon last night.  The darkness was so soft and subtle with a clear and crisp star light flooding the ground.  One can nearly hear the trees bending and shifting in the warm fall night as they begin to reach into the soil with their roots.  Listen carefully for the bark moving across the branches and for a sighing song in the air as the shadows lengthen against the light.

There is so much to do in the Fall:  Bake sales sprout up beside church barbecues with rummage sales appearing on the weekends.  Apple festivals and fairs celebrating local produce are arriving and huanted everything  comes around the corner.  There is mulching with garden care to do and a house to clean.  Soups and stews go on the burner and bread recipes are rolled out to begin rising in warm corners of the kitchen.

My hat is off to parents right now.  There is an infant in the house and I am woefully sleep deprived at this point.  Make no mistake, Baby Girl is as cute as a button and smart and all toddley but I am not used to babies.  Wanting one with all my heart did not prepare me for having to help care for one.  Babie’s Mother is actually very good and here for a great new job oportunity so my resposibility is rather light but I stand in my living room in a daze wondering why there is a fine grit of cheerios across the floor. The dog is the only one who is having no problems adjusting.  After she realized that the human-puppy was staying the Fluffy Princess now parks herself beside the high chair and helps herself to the above mentioned cheerios as they rain down like crunchy mana from heaven.

I am slowly recovering from a very bad bought with Fibromyalgia and hope to be more active in collecting rocks and having my adventures along the friendly byways of books and sewing.  I hope to be more allert for alusive Web Sites of the Wondrous and regail you with discovered nuances of the weather.

Untill the next leaf falls to the ground,

Be Well

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