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Hello Gentle Readers,
Time has almost run away from me and nearly forgotten to write in my blog. The sad part is I have so very little to say lately. The beautiful cool days of Spring have already slid into the hot days of Summer. This Summer will not be the temperature sweltering days of most Summers. Please enjoy this tempestuous and swirling weather while we have it. Yes, this is poetic wording because my house has not had a tree fall on it or lightening strike our yard.

I love the horrid irony of the oil leak in the gulf off of Louisiana. All that oil spewing out and they still can’t stop pointing fingers long enough to fix it. If the appropriate valve had been used in the first place this ecological disaster would not be happening. Now folks are jumping up and down about not drilling in coastal areas when it could be safe and effective if done safely and with foresight not money grubbing. Whole towns in coal areas are burning and melting because of underground fires yet few people say we should stop mining coal because the mining is dangerous to the environment. Sure coal burning is an awful mess but I doubt all the animals and trees appreciate having their world burning under their roots and paws.

Thinking of coal, I remember the advertisements for Blue Coal from the old Shadow radio program. “No one knows what the Shadow knows” Such strange and sentimental comfort from old radio broadcasts. Dark heroes are always a winner and girls love the bad boys. (As long as they aren’t creeps.) Lamont Cranston was tops.

I don’t often sing the praises of a diet because exercise and proper eating is really the way to go. With my fibromyalgia I don’t get a lot of exercise. I started the diet Eat Right for your Type and then went to the Geno Type Diet. I have now been under 155 pounds for over three months. I have gastric and erosive problems up to my tonsils and now my stomach barely hurts any more. My stomach is flatter and I am getting a more exaggerated hour glass figure back! I have started being able to use resistance bands at night and walked three flights of stairs the other day. (Yes, with FM walking just one or two flights of stairs can make your legs burn and the pain screaming.) I do miss eating pork and doughnuts but if stomach cramps are any indicator I will be whiffing them under my nose from now on.

Free Cycle won for me again. God bless the elderly woman who must have passed away but man did I clean up in beads and craft supplies. I have always gotten good stuff from Free Cycle and never junk. Well, not quite accurate, some junk but that goes to the Good Will. I shop at Good Wills so I have very little guilt about dropping off items I don’t want.
The next exhibit at work is Glow: Living Lights. I can’t wait for it to come as it is all about animals and creatures that use bio-luminescence. My boss also said that I could have a small section in the learning lab about glow in the dark minerals. I don’t collect them much myself but they are part of the natural world and helps go to prove that the natural world around us is uniquely wondrous.

I must admit that today is Rely On Spell Check Day. Thank goodness for that little red line that warns me of oopsies. Except for the word oopsies which is not biopsies no matter what spell check says.

For now there is another string of storms coming and I need to sign off of the computer.

Be well

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Dearest Readers,
Spring is slowly fading away and giving up ground to Summer with storms and hungry weather. Please be careful out there as these storms can be intense. About two nights ago there was rain and the patter lulled us to sleep as well as washing the pollen down. Storms will rage throughout the seasons this year and bring the rain, glorious rain.

I have been weeding the herb plots today and can say I wish there was a way to grow and use weeds over the herbs, but then the herbs would be weeds and would choke out the real weeds. My nemesis the weeds have been mostly plucked and I will have to start cheering on my mint plants. Strangely and happily my fever few has seeded itself all over the place instead of dying like the instructions said it would. The rose bush my neighbor gave us because it was scrawny and in the way is now loaded with buds ready for rain and sun in order to bloom. I have sweet flag in a damp spot of the garden and it has come through the brief snows we had. The Joe Pye Weed is coming back up and the one lone stalk of May Apple is back again. The agaves in my yard have settled in nicely and I hope there will be more sun on them if we trim the tree branches that are out over the street.

I have been feeling overly pouty and depressed lately from the FM pain so I went shopping. Yes indeedy shopping is a particularly wonderful therapy and great alternative when not digging rocks. I drove my ibuprofen laden self to the best shopping around: Guardian Angel Thrift Store in Fuquay Varina. This charity does INCREDIBLE support for Alzheimer’s research and now has The Little Angel next door. They have grown my cook books, my sewing stash, my jewelry, my clothing, and supplied lots of items for my husband’s crafts/modeling. (And for those of you that are like me and watch What Not To Wear the clothing is good enough to get a grudging smile from the hosts of the show. At least I have people ask me where I shop and they aren’t shaking their heads in pity when they ask me.) http://guardianangelthrift.org/

Our loving dog is still moping around and sad about Calvin having died. Sure we don’t sit over dog biscuits and tea and discuss our feelings but I can tell she is still lonely. At least she is somewhat happier than last week.

It is almost ten o’ clock right now and I can feel the warm moisture in the air flowing in the night breeze and ushering in the coming rain. How magical to feel the moisture and have that tingling at the back of my mind that this weather is old and fragmented, tired of traveling and ready to throw itself against the ocean wall.

I have thought and thought and decided that the best way to revive my Etsy is to redo the offerings. Sure I have friends say my stuff is great and they send me other sights to try and set my prices just right. Prices be d**ed1 The thing that suddenly hit me is that although I have always thought of collage as paper AND cloth AND ribbon AND beads all together, obviously no one else does. All the web sites I have gone to have all silk kimono material, all tie dye, all home made paper, or all watch pieces but none of it together. Suddenly bing! the light goes on. Offer all cloth Jane Austin themes or all paper themes but not some of both all together. Hey, I even bought a paper cutter to make things easier and am ready to cut and clip my way into profit. (I am being positive. Yipee!)

Megalodon is almost over so any readers that are near Raleigh, North Carolina, come and see the exhibit before it is over. Everyone is enjoying the sharks and fossils together in one exhibit. I have met so many great fossil hunters and rock enthusiasts during this exhibit. So bring your sharks teeth and visit us at the Museum of Nat. Sciences.

Be well and grow strong, gentle reader

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